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One Garden, Seven Characters  |  Norell/Rodhe

Location: Odense, Denmark

"The scheme for the new House of Fairytales is founded on the idea of a garden populated by seven architectural “characters”. Throughout the garden, a pattern of winding paths give the whole site a cohesive identity, while at the same time breaking it down into manageable parts that can be themed individually. The contrast between this pattern and the surrounding urban fabric will clearly indicate to the visitor that by crossing the border to the site they step into the world of fairy tales. The characters are museum pavilions that are playfully but strategically distributed throughout the garden.

Each pavilion develops its distinct persona through proportions, materiality and its relation to adjacent landscape elements in the garden. The small scale and varying character of the pavilions puts them in productive dialogue with the authentic buildings in the north corner of the site. Together, the new and the authentic will begin to unfold narratives with ties to both the fairy tales and contemporary culture.”

(via an-architectural-statement)

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